Juniors to participate in Heritage Festival


Adana Hagel

CH students practicing their table manners in preparation for the NHF.

The annual Nacogdoches Heritage Festival is coming up. A few juniors are participating: Abigail Spraggins, Kathryn Jacks, Paris Ngo, Madison Stanland, and Reese Beard. NHF held their first meeting at Stephen F. Austin University in the College of Education Annex building. It was an etiquette meeting. 

The etiquette meeting was for the girls and their escorts to learn how to properly use utensils when eating in a formal setting and proper manners to present to those around them.
“This meeting was extremely educational,” said Spraggins, “and I will definitely remember the lessons we learned for future events”. 

As Heritage goes on throughout the year, there will be many more important events that will educate all the Princesses, this is a term that all the participating girls are called.