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Change in dress code causes controversy

Hallie Flynn, Writer
September 9, 2022

Students are upset about the updated dress code. If girls want to wear leggings, their shirt must reach 7 inches from the bent knee. With new authority, this rule is being heavily enforced.  I...

Central Heights dress code needs update

Allison Durham, Writer
September 27, 2021

It is my body, so it should be my choice. Since the school year has started, teachers and administrators have taken the dress code this year very seriously. Many students have been sent to the office because...

Bullying the Bully: Is it Right to Fight Back?

Trinity Creamer, Writer
October 4, 2020

As a human being, we have two main instincts: fight or flight. What happens when we choose to fight? We’re allowed to punch back, right? Actually, it’s encouraged that we don’t. Bullying is defined...

Give Blood, Save Lives

Kylie Gast, Editor
January 28, 2020

Students at Central Heights High School are given the opportunity to easily donate blood multiple times throughout the school year. The “blood bus” waits outside the school, and a stream of students...

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