FCCLA hosts blood drives


Danni Niuman, Writer

FCCLA hosts a total of four blood drives a year with two in the spring semester and two in the fall. They held one on Friday, Dec. 10 and recently hosted one on Friday, Feb. 4 with students and faculty volunteering. 

All blood is going towards helping patients at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Generally, they have an average of 30 participants per blood drive. However, in their most recent drive, they had 22 people donating. 

“For every one person that donates, 2 lives are saved,” Senior and FCCLA President, Taylar Russel said.

One benefit from hosting four blood drives is that FCCLA will be granted a $250 gift from the Blood Center for their generosity. With this money, Chrystal Reneau will buy materials for the kitchens located in her classroom along with supplies for FCCLA.