The Future Looks Bright for Blue Devil Baseball


Baseball Boys Varsity Team after placing first in the Killgore Oil Belt tournament.

The baseball team has been off to a good start with 14 wins and two losses. Their first district game is tonight and they are very excited. 

On Thursday last week the baseball team had a three day tournament all weekend. On Thursday they had a big win, and senior Jackson Mills was pumped. 

“We won 12-0 against Athens at their high school,” Mills said. “Athens is a horrible 4-A team.” 

On Friday the baseball team had a loss. The game was not at Central Heights. 

“We lost 7-6 against Carthage, they are a good 4-A team,” Mills said. “We played at a middle ground field in Marshall.”

The baseball game on Saturday afternoon was a win for the Blue Devils. The game was at home.

“We won against Douglass 6-3. They were a bad team, but they knew how to execute pitches against our team,” Mills said. “We played at home and Jack Christensen threw an amazing game.”

On Tuesday night, the Blue Devil boys played another baseball game. The team won by more than 10 points. 

“We won against Center 17-1; they are a weak and unathletic team,” Mills said. “We played at another middle ground field in Shelbyville.” 

Tonight at 7 p.m. the baseball team has their first district game against Central. They are predicting a win and expect the student section to be full.

“I feel like this season we will have a lot of wins,” Mills said. “Diboll is our main competitor, but I feel like we will come on top and go to the playoffs.

Mills feels good about this season and so does the rest of the team. Even with the loss of many players, they are off to a good start. 

“They could have definitely helped us this season,” Mills said. “A few guys have stepped up to fill their shoes and dominate on the field.”