Senior class to go on field trip to SFA recreational center


StuCo gathering for a picture at the Putt Putt course.

The seniors have a day to themselves coming up on Monday, May 2. On April 27 the Student Council had a field trip with the sponsor Donna Johnson.

Johnson took them to Putt Putt Golf and then they walked over to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Gracie Castilaw is the President of Student Council and had a great time on her last trip.

“I think it ended great as my last trip with the student council,” Castilaw said. “The fellowship and Putt Putt with my dear Student Council members will be a memory I will always cherish.”

The Student Council trip was to reward the members for all their hard work this year and to introduce the new officers. On Monday, May 2 principal Johnathan Vick is taking the seniors swimming. 

“The seniors are going to the outdoor SFA Recreation Center,” Vick said. “I think our seniors deserve to have an opportunity to still be kids before they grow up.”

Forms for the senior swimming day are located in the office.