Principal to say goodbye to Central Heights


Mr. Vick will sadly leave Central Heights on May 24.

Principal Jonathan Vick has announced that this will be his last year as high school principal. His last day at the school is May 24. Vick has been a principal in the high school for 7 years. 

“I had an opportunity that I could not pass up,” Vick said. “I will become general manager of East Texas Truck Center.”

Vick does not think the school has been growing with him. He wants CHHS to become the best it can.

“Our high school is good, but I think with the proper leadership it could be great,” Vick said. “I left with hopes someone better than me could take this high school to the next level.”

This decision has not been easy for Vick to make. He loves his job and all the students at this school. 

“I will absolutely miss the kids,” Vick said. “That is what makes the decision hard is y’all knuckleheads. I spend more time with y’all than I do my own family.”

Vick is not leaving Nacogdoches, but changing jobs. He is an example to his students and follows his own advice.

“If you want something in life you have to go get it,” Vick said. “Opportunities are only created for the ones that make it happen.”

Vick has advice for the senior class, which is extra special to him because he feels like they have grown up under his leadership. 

“Do not waste your potential because I will find you,” Vick said. “To the senior class, I came in with you guys in 6th grade, and I could not think of a better grade to be going out with.”