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Shooting for Success

Lady Devil basketball prepares for new season
Danielle Templeton
This year the Lady Devil basketball program’s word is “ohana” which means family. The 5:11 in the right hand corner is a bible verse from 1st Thessalonians meaning, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you are doing.”

With the Lady Devil Basketball season just around the corner, the Lady Devils are working hard to make this season the best one yet.

The Lady Devil Basketball season will kick off around the beginning of November and the girls have been making preparations since last year’s season. 

Head Coach Danielle Templeton and assistant Coach Wayne Grissom, informed us with what to expect for this year’s season.

“This year, our main goal for the program is to keep our playoff run continuing,” coach Templeton said. “Making the playoffs is probably the big picture goal.”

This year, the Lady Devil’s word is “ohana” which means family. 

“I want everyone to know that we are a family, and our goal is to play as a family,” Templeton said.

The Lady Devil’s have been preparing long and hard and are ready to take on the new season.  

“We are already working on our conditioning and building our fundamentals to work up to the bigger things,” Templeton said. “We are preparing mentally by learning about the growth mindset and fixed mindset, and how we have to choose the growth mindset in tough situations.”

Every season is different and brings a new challenge to the table.

“Every team brings a new dynamic so every year is a different challenge, but also a different blessing.” Templeton said.

Last year was Grissom’s first year at Central Heights, and he is ready to take on a new season.

“Last year was different because it was my first year here, so it was a lot of trial and error,” said coach Grissom. “Year two is going to be even better.”

The Lady Devils have been working hard for this season and will have fun opportunities for fans who come to support. 

“If you are at our games we will be doing activities at halftime and we may have games where we hand out things to the first however many fans,” Templeton said. “Be there or be square!”