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FCCLA takes on Socktober

FCCLA officers with some of the socks!

When the cold season starts to hit, it is the perfect time to grab a pair of comfy, warm and cozy socks.

 During the month of October, FCCLA participates in a fundraiser called ‘Socktober’ that helps raise money to donate for many causes. Part of the funds raised will be donated to Water for Africa. The socks available are fun, silly, and super comfortable.

Julia Bickham is the main leader and the one in charge of the fundraiser for FCCLA. Sponsor Mrs. Reneau encourages her students to fulfill the fundraiser goal.

“It is very important to participate in this fundraiser because it not only raises money for our chapter to spend on our competitions and trips but some of the proceeds go to building water wells in Africa,” Bickham said. “It also shows Mrs. Reneau and the officers that our members are engaged in the club and care about what happens in the club.”

FCCLA members take pride in Socktober as it’s one of the favorite project for many. Members have fun doing this for the cause of Water for Africa and even our school.

“I love Socktober because we partner with a group called ‘We Help Two,’” Reneau said. “Part of the funds we raise helps to provide clean drinking water for communities in Rwanda so that children and their families can get the clean water they need to live healthy lives.”

A lot of the members tend to go around with friends and family to hopefully get some sales. Some even go after teachers that want to support the cause.

“I am very proud that our FCCLA chapter of 62 CHHS students are taking this fundraiser seriously,” Reneau said. “They work to the best of their abilities to sell socks for this worthy cause.”

This fundraiser will support both the FCCLA members and the community as well. FCCLA gets only a small profit that goes directly to funds for the group for any occasion. The community plays a good role too because members get to pick a charity for donations.

“I want members to know that they are helping a good cause and that they should feel proud of themselves,” Bickham said. “It’s really nice to see members engaged in activities and signing up and making a difference.”