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Roblox has been released for PlayStation

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Roblox has now been released to PlayStation! Being late to the party, PlayStation now has the popular online platform game on their store. The game is free to download as well free to play with the option to buy online currency.

Roblox is an online platform game and a game creation system made by Roblox Corporation. In 2004, Roblox was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. The game was later released to the public in 2006. Roblox has many user-created games within the platform, giving users many options on choosing what game they want to play.

With the game already released on multiple platforms like PC, Android, IOS, and Xbox, PlayStation users now have the opportunity to play Roblox with their friends. Previously, if PS users wanted to play Roblox with their friends they either could not or would have to get on with a different platform.

Most Playstation users would use the mobile version of Roblox due to its availability, but it would drain the user’s battery too quickly.

“I had to get on a call, open the game, and run Roblox all on my phone,” PlayStation user McCray Moody said. “It was super annoying to do all that on my phone because it would drain my phone really fast.”

So the announcement of Roblox coming to Playstation really made its users excited.

“My reaction to Roblox on Playstation was one of lots of excitement and disbelief,” Moody said. “Once I heard, I fact-checked the information and found out it was true, so I was stoked.”

Not only are Playstation users excited about the news, but their friends from other platforms are as well.

“I know one friend who owns a Playstation,” PC user Gage Willhite said. “Now that more of my friends are able to play Roblox, I am excited to play with them.”

While playing on the mobile version of Roblox may have its pros and cons, users across all platforms believe Roblox on Playstation would be an upgrade for PlayStation users and the game itself.

“I genuinely believe Roblox will get better because of this upgrade,” Moody said. “Now that more people have access to the game, the developers will only want to grow from there, so yes I believe the experience will get better and continue to improve.”

Roblox on Playstation is exciting news, but there are some concerns about the game.

  “Sometimes games will port their games onto different systems and not take care of the bugs or issues the game has,” PlayStation user Brianna Stern said. “I believe that if it is updated regularly and the maintenance is taken seriously that the experience will be worth it.” 

Even with all the concerns and excitement that surround the news, Playstation now having Roblox is a big win for all gamers.

“Roblox has always been seen as a kids game and one that teens and adults should not play,” Moody said. “But that is quite the opposite because there are things for everyone to enjoy