New CH Spanish Teacher


Mr. Yetter, the new CH Spanish teacher, enjoys his first year at Central Heights.

After the rush to find a new teacher, CH administrators finally found Mr. Yetter. He is the new Spanish 1 teacher and a great addition to the Blue Devil staff. 

Yetter says his job before CH was “a state game warden”. 

He eventually retired after 30 years.

Mr. Yetter thought his time as a game warden was “interesting” because “everyday was different,” he says. “One day we were checking hunters, the next checking fisherman, the next looking for someone lost in the woods or helping in an area devastated by a hurricane.”

He chose to teach Spanish because he feels it’s necessary, “especially since we live so close to Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.”

If Mr. Yetter could teach another subject, it would be history.

It’s important “to understand how people succeeded or failed,” he says.