Reneau makes the switch from biology to home economics


Mrs. Reneau, FCCLA teacher, enjoys her new position teaching life skills and family sciences.

Biology to cooking. Petri dishes to baking sheets. Chrystal Reneau has transitioned from teaching biology and Anatomy & Physiology to Home Economics at CHHS. She decided that this school year she wanted to take the leap and try something different.

Mrs Reneau was not worried about how her fellow teachers would feel about her change, but she was concerned about her students’ opinions.

“I was worried about the seniors coming in,” she said, “I had taught them in biology, and I had a good relationship with all of [them].”

Mrs Reneau would have accepted the district’s decision if she had not gotten the FCCLA job.

“I was really fine with staying in biology and anatomy,” Mrs. Reneau said, “If God means for me to move, then I’ll be able to move. If he wants me to stay, then I’ll stay. I would be perfectly happy either way. 

Mrs. Reneau said that her decision to move subjects so unexpectedly took much contemplation. 

“I built my programs and so I knew I would be stable and secure if I stayed where I was,” she said. “Or I could take the leap and do something different, but it was going to be a little bit less stable.” 

Mrs. Reneau did not  really know what she was signing up for, but now she is very happy with her decision. 

“I really didn’t know what I was getting into,” she said. “But now I’ve gotten my feet wet. I’m very excited.”  

She has enjoyed having past students again as well as having 9th-12th grade all in one class.

“I think that I have had three fourths of the students that I had before,” she said. “I think they’re able to see me in a different light, and I’m more relaxed so that’s been a lot of fun.”

 Mrs. Reneau said that teaching Home Economics is very different from biology and A&P because there are no STAAR exams, and the tests during class are less pressure.

“The difference in the pressure I put on myself, and on my students is completely different,” she said. “I can relax more.”

Changing subjects has been bittersweet for Mrs. Reneau.

“I had worked so hard to build a really good program for anatomy and biology, so that was a little sad,” Mrs. Reneau explained, “but it was also very exciting to be able to try something different.”