Head First into Playoffs

Lady Devil Volleyball team prepares for playoffs


(top left) Reagan Karczewski, Jordan Jenson, Brooklyn Perkins, Za’Corrie Cladwell, Ellie Davis, Madi Best, Danni Newman, Emily Petty, Erin Ash, Laura Bradford, Taylor Chambers, Molly Miller, Lainee Clement (bottom right).

The Central Heights Lady Devil Volleyball team recently wrapped up their district play this past Friday. They played against Corrigan Camden and defeated them in an easy three sets. Friday, October 30, the Lady Devils will face off against East Chambers at Woodville High School and begin their first playoff game of the 2020 season. 

Head Coach, Logan Smoak was satisfied with how the Blue Devil Volleyball team played this season.

“Well we had another undefeated season, so that’s not too bad.” Logan Smoak said. “[We are] very happy and pleased to come back out on top.”

The team earned first place in district play for the seventh year in a row. They had an undefeated season winning every one of their games.

“Winning district around here is kind of a tradition at this point.” Smoak says, “This is year seven in a row of winning district, and we’ve only had volleyball for eight years”

Even though the team is grateful for their district win, Smoak has her eyes set on the state title.

“Winning district is not the goal, winning state is the goal.” Smoak said, “We’re pleased and excited, but we’re gonna keep climbing and keep moving forward.”

The volleyball team is going headfirst into playoffs. Smoak states that the team’s main goal is  to not lose.

“We would like to make another deep round and we’re trying to take it game by game.” Smoak says. 

Smoak believes her team is capable of going to state as long as they can show up and execute.

“The goal every year is to go to the regional tournament,” Smoak said. “and not just go there, but go there and win, [and] then move on to state.”

Practice for the team has been the same as usual except for the added pressure that they need to be prepared for the more difficult teams they will play.

“We’re just fine tuning things right now,” Smoak explains. “[We are] trying to not get their bodies worn out, so that we’re actually their game day ready.”

Smoak is confident in her team’s ability to play, and she trusts every player on the court.

“We have several key players that can put the ball away at any point on offence and our defense has stepped up,” She said.