New Ag Class Added to Curriculum


Pictured from left to right: Guillermo Hernandez, Colton Ward, Josh Nichols, and Riley Woods.

A new class has been added to the agriculture curriculum called Ag Power. It is a 2-block period during the sixth and seventh period. 

Agricultural Power Systems is designed to develop an understanding of power and control systems as related small and large power systems, and agricultural machinery,” Ag Power teacher Mr. Gibson said. “To prepare for careers in agricultural power, structural and technical systems, students must attain academic skills and knowledge, [and] acquire technical knowledge and skills related to power, structural and technical agricultural systems.” 

The students in this class are usually looking to a career involving some sort of knowledge in how power and agricultural systems operate.

“Currently in the classroom, we are restoring two tractors,” junior Colton Ward said. “One is a ‘68 and one is a ‘53.” 

 This class is made up of 21 students who are working to restore tractors giving them real-world experience. 

“The class has also taken up making playhouses for kids,” senior Josh Nichols said. ”Last year, before COVID-19 hit, they had started making playhouses. Since they were unable to finish, we took it upon ourselves to complete them this year.

  This class is proving to be a very valuable and significant course for those looking to pursue a more hands-on career.

“The students will earn a small engine certification after completion of this course,” said Mr. Gibson.

The students have received six more orders to complete by Christmas, and the playhouses are selling for several hundred dollars.