Girls basketball program quarantined due to COVID-19 case


On Thursday, Nov. 17, the entire girls basketball program along with the junior varsity two boy’s basketball teams were sent home due to a confirmed case of COVID-19. The confirmed case came from a member of the girls basketball team. The boys junior varsity 2 basketball team scrimmaged the junior varsity girls during an after school practice earlier in the week and were all directly exposed to the virus. Due to these circumstances, all players from both boys’ and girls’ teams will be quarantined until December 1.

Due to the direct exposure of COVID-19, a two week quarantine is required by the state to ensure no one exposed to it shows any symptoms.

“The CDC and the TEA put out guidelines for us that we have to follow, so I’m trying to make sure that we follow all those guidelines.” principal Jonathan Vick said.

This was the first time a full athletic program shutdown has happened due to COVID-19, so the coaches and athletic directors were not sure how to handle this situation.

“There was a parent contact by text and then a couple hours later was the positive test,” girls head basketball coach, Danielle Templeton, said. “We had to have a meeting with Mr. Vick and Coach Herron to figure out how to go forward.”

All administrators have done everything possible to have this situation go as smoothly as possible and prevent other situations like this from happening.

“Our coaches are doing what they are supposed to do to try and limit the exposures at hand.” Vick said.

Templeton was not happy with the news of the entire program’s quarantine.

“When you’re working so hard for something and it gets taken away from you, you have so many different emotions,” Templeton said. “And then the question of ‘What are we gonna do to make this up?’”

 Because of the 14-day quarantine, all basketball practices within this time period have been cancelled. 

“I’m not going to let it affect my season, but truthfully my biggest concern is our conditioning shape,” Templeton said.

Templeton has been sharing an at home workout plan so that all of her players can stay in shape.

 “I’ve been sending workouts everyday. Conditioning workouts, shooting workouts, and body weight workouts,” Templeton said.

Although COVID-19 cases are slowly increasing, other illnesses such as the flu and strep throat have affected many students and teachers within the school.

“Just remember COVID-19 didn’t kill the rest of the diseases, even though it seems that way.” Vick said. “There are still other things kids are getting sick from, and when you’re in confined areas, you’re going to see the number increase.”

 Despite the efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, cases are still increasing. Administrators and teachers are continuing to take efforts in stopping the spread before cases get out of hand, and school must shut down.

“We’re going to make sure that we can stay in school as long as we possibly can.” Vick said. “[By] wearing a mask, trying to social distance, making sure that we’re washing down the desks and cleaning them.”

No matter how many precautions the school takes, the only way to prevent an outbreak is for students to make the same efforts. Students should continue to wear masks and practice social distancing even after school hours.

“This is the world we live in,” Vick said. “We know when kids go home after school, we can’t really control what they do or where they go and the protocols that they take.”