Central Heights dress code needs update

It is my body, so it should be my choice. Since the school year has started, teachers and administrators have taken the dress code this year very seriously. Many students have been sent to the office because they have violated the dress code. Would students agree that our school dress code is fair and unbiased? Boys’ shorts have to be three inches above the bent knee, and girls can only wear leggings if they have a shirt that is almost down to their knees. Students have been sent to the office many times since the first day of school. Most of the time they are not even violating the dress code. Our school dress code should be changed because it is too outdated, inconsistent, and it is way too strict. 

This is not the 1960’s. I am sure that almost every student would agree that our dress code is very old fashioned. Based on the strictness of our dress code, it is very difficult to find clothes that fit our rules this year. Most girl’s shirts, besides t-shirts and sweatshirts, are either cropped or right on our pant line. Another thing to consider is how foolish some boys would look wearing shorts that almost go down to their knees. If we are having to spend almost eight hours in this building, five days a week, we should be able to wear what we feel comfortable in. In the past couple of years, clothing and styles have changed drastically, which means that our dress code should change with it. 

Most people would agree that our dress code is inconsistent. I am well aware that the staff has a dress code of their own, but some of our teachers do not seem to follow it. For example, how is it fair that teachers and coaches can show their tattoos and have piercings on their bodies, but students cannot? Tattoos are not a distraction in class, and neither are facial piercings. If anything, being dress coded is taking time away from our learning. Would the administrators rather us be sent to ISS for wearing a shirt that was too short, or attend our classes? Another reason our dress code seems to be inconsistent is because some people seem to be targeted more than others. Lots of students break the dress code almost everyday without getting caught. While others break it just once or twice and are immediately sent to the office. The whole system is unfair. 

While others think that our rules for clothing are appropriate, I strongly disagree. Though I do understand the reasons for having a dress code at our school, the majority of students would agree that it is strict and it limits us too much as to what we can and cannot wear to school. Our dress code should be changed because it seems to be outdated, inconsistent, and it is too harsh.