Teacher Spotlight: Collin Rutherford


Mr. Rutherford, the new volleyball coach.

Isabella Bedford, Writer

Collin Rutherford is the new freshman and JV volleyball coach. He has coached the 6-10 year old’s REC league in Nacogdoches, and helped out with Nacogdoches high school summer conditioning camp before taking the job here at Central Heights. Rutherford is having fun so far with getting to know his players and how they play the game. He loves how super high energy the kids are and how hard they work on the court and off of it. Logan Smoak, Central Heights Varsity volleyball coach, has influenced his coaching habits. He is very happy with how structured the program is because of how all the players are in uniform at all times, and how practice is planned out. Besides coaching volleyball, Rutherford also teaches PE classes to the junior high. Rutherford and his PE class are often in the weight room or on the track. When asked what his favorite period of the day is, he said athletics because everyone has a reason to be there and it is an upbeat atmosphere.