Show up and show out


The Student Section’s Construction Night

The student section is predicted to be loud and exciting this year. Many students have shown up to fall games and have created themes for the volleyball home games. The volleyball team is about to start their District games and the faculty is excited to see what themes the students have in mind. 

“I’m excited to whoop on some teams and to show our support,” senior Jackson Mills said. “I am also excited for the themes to come up and some clean photos in the yearbook.”

The student section has some shoes to fill from the “Rowdy Outies” last year. Many students are trying to bring out their school spirit to every game. Parents in the baseball stands loved seeing the Rowdy Outies at every baseball game. 

“They were pretty cool especially when they were hype,” Mills said. “I loved them messing with the other team’s center fielder.”

This year, students are certain that people will have more spirit for the district games. Also, students are excited to eat after the games at the new Whataburger. 

“I am excited for the memes and the late nights at Whata,” junior Jackson Flynn said. “I love laughing and just having a good time with everyone.”

Few students have been showing up to the games, so the students need some kind of encouragement to show up and show out. Mills and Flynn plan to encourage everyone to attend the games so the student section will be the best it has ever been.

“I’ll ask them if they would rather sit in the Walmart parking lot or yell at players at the game,” Mills said. “I’m going to start yelling chants and try to get everyone to participate.”

Last Friday, the volleyball girls were very excited about their home game against Huntington. The student section decided to have a construction theme and everyone was very excited to dress up as construction workers.

“We are all [dressed up} as construction workers with our traffic signs and cones to sweep Huntington,” Mills said. “Sweepin’ the construction zone.”