Cheer hosts pep rally


From left to right: Coach Smoak, Taylar Russel, Molly Miller, Madison Best, and Caroline Ashley

The CHHS cheer program hosted a pep rally on Tuesday, 16 Nov at 2:45 p.m. They celebrated the upcoming basketball season by introducing the boys’ and girls’ varsity teams.

The varsity boys include Trey Smith, Jaxon Perry, Preston Watson, Clayton Petty, Turner Reid, Trey Huddleston, Jackson Flynn, Jackson Glymph, Jackson Jolley and Ashton Allums. 

The varsity girls include Ellie Davis, Halle Carden, Hannah Shugart, AJ Johnson, Amaiya Williams, NaKaylyn Wells, Sealy Murdock, Sophia Shriver, Landri Hudson, Molly Bowlin, Adeline Catron and Bri Downs. 

The two teams combined and competed against each other in a vaseline cotton ball race. 

 Along with that, they honored the end of the 2021 season for both cross country and varsity volleyball by discussing their district awards and special achievements. Volleyball also played a game of tug-of-war with the winners being awarded a free ice cream certificate.