High school recycles


Donna Johnson and the Student Council plan on starting a new recycling program at the school. There are only regular trash bins in every classroom, and they are trying to add a recycling bin. 

“We are hoping to put recycling bins in every teacher’s classroom so that we can bring them into town and let it all be reused,” Johnson said. “I think we are going to start in high school.” 

StuCo is helping with this project in a major way. Most StuCo members are trying to start this project as fast as possible, and they are volunteering to make sure everything is done correctly. 

“We have two girls that will keep track of the recycling bins in each room,” Johnson said. “There will be two boys who will bi-weekly take the trash behind the public library to be reused.”

Johnson is trying her best to place the bins in every classroom in the high school. StuCo has many events planned so they are trying to get everything done. They are making sure the bins are their top priority. 

“We hope to have some stuff in place by Christmas,” Johnson said. “January will be our deadline.”