Parking lots fill up, seniors propose solution


A panoramic photo of the Central Heights parking lot

Many students have complained about the traffic in the parking lot along with people stealing other’s spots. Drivers have also complained about how long it takes to get out of the parking lot. 

Vick said traffic is only bad the first few days, and there is no solution for it. Although, waiting five minutes may improve the situation.

Students have asked about painting their own parking spots. However, Vick explains that it is not a possibility as of now, but the idea may be revisited in the future. 

Vick asked how we will monitor the parking lot. Someone taking another’s parking spot is hard to enforce. He said that it is a no to the assigned parking spots, and it will take time for the idea to follow through.

Although the assigned parking spots did not get approved for the students, it is possible to get a designated parking section for the seniors. When the sophomores start driving to school and the seniors arrive late, it will result in the seniors having to park in the grass. 

Vick said that when the sophomores start driving and the spots start running out, the sophomores would start parking in the grass or by the field house. The idea that seniors could get a section in the parking lot by the median was proposed. 

In order for this idea to succeed, students would have to figure out who drives to school every day to get an estimated number of spots to section off. There will be a google form created for the seniors to fill out if they drive to school. The google form will be sent to the seniors’ school email to be completed.